New Start

The new website revamp is finally done! Hello there!

The website has actually been up and running for awhile now, but I just never had time to properly fill up every part of it other than uploading datesheets (date cover stickers for free download) every month.

Reason being, there are just too many things that I want to make it prefect for the website!

Such as sharing interesting things, having clear description of all the services that I can provide, include the shopping feature, supporting different languages, and etc.

It giving me a little headache everything I think about it, especially for a procrastinator like myself.

(maybe next time I can share with you on how I effectively procrastinate, I actually get a lot of (non-important) things done! haha)

On the other hand, writing a blog really needs me to slow down, think through and be relaxed.

Where this is the hard part to achieve right now.

There are just too many things that I want to explore.

Such as watercolour, stamps, stickers, diary and planner, washi tapes, food and travel… new product development and catching with with friends…

But I just can’t perfectly allocate time to do them all!

It’s hard to slow down, but I will try my best. Slow down and finish my bucket list one by one.

Therefore, here it is, the website!

Although its not prefect yet, but at least is a small step to the big final perfection.

To be continued…

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